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plus the latest fracking case studies

Join us live online August 12th at 9 AM PT - 10 AM MT - 11 AM CT - 12 Noon ET
To hear Dr. Robert Freilich & Neil Popowitz of Freilich Popowitz LLP

Fracking is a major concern in several parts of the country. Many municipalities have been frustrated in their attempts to manage the unknown short and long term effects of fracking in their areas. The need for local zoning to address the impacts of drilling and fracking for oil and gas resources is critical to maintaining health, welfare, and the quality of life. This Webinar will focus on the need for local government regulation of oil and gas fracking, drilling, and production to avoid preemption and fill the vacuum left by less than comprehensive federal and state regulation.

This webinar will . . .

  • Demonstrate that federal and state preemption of local government activity arising from mining and oil and gas extraction is not currently the majority rule in the United States;
  • Provide numerous examples of specific local government oil and gas ordinance provisions through land use planning and implementation techniques.
  • PLUS The Webinar will deal with the latest case law up through June 30, 2014

About the presenters . . .

Dr. Robert Freilich and Neil Popowitz of the law firm, Freilich & Popowitz a national leader in land use planning, renewable energy law. Dr. Freilich is the National Editor ofThe Urban Lawyer, for the Amerian Bar Association; Past-Chair of the Planning and Law Division of the American Planning Association; and serves on the Advisory Board of the Land Use And Environment Law Review. He is also the author of numerous publications including From Sprawl to Sustainable Growth: Smart Growth, New Urbanism, Green Development & Renewable Energy (ABA, 2010); and The 21st Century Land Development Code (APA, 2008); Oil & Gas Fracking: Local, State & Federal Regulation. Dr. Freilich has represented over 250 cities, counties, regions and states across the nation on renewable energy, smart growth, new urbanism, green development and sustainability.

His Partner, Neil Popowitz, Helped develop a 20-year Land Development Plan and Code for Santa Fe County, NM, and has co-published articles on land use, business and litigation. This includes publications on Oil & Gas Fracking as well as The Umbrella of Sustainability: Smart Growth, New Urbanism, Renewable Energy and Green Development in the 21st Century,


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Sierra Dall
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