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Join us live online Thursday April 16th at 9 AM PT - 10 AM MT - 11 AM CT - 12 Noon ET
To hear Judy Kosovich, Attorney, Chemical Engineer & Energy Consultant

Many municipalities across the country are installing or considering the installation of Smart Grids. This opens up questions regarding their safety and security. Judy Kosovich has been following the advancement of Smart Grids for a number of years and feels that municipalities should be informed about several different aspects of the Smart Grid before making important decisions. During this presentation Ms. Kosovich will provide an analysis of Smart Grids including the following:

  • List of decisions municipalities are faced with that involve wireless technologies
  • The types of meters that are available and how they work
  • How the FCC arrived at its standards
  • What we are exposed to and how radiofrequencies affect health
  • Privacy, legal, safety and other Issues related to smart meters
  • Vulnerability of the grid - Legislation, Litigation and Studies related to wireless technologies -
  • Policy options for municipalities

About the presenter . . .

Judy Kosovich is an energy consultant and an attorney with an MS in chemical engineering. She uses her extensive background to help municipalities develop sustainable energy policies, technology implementation strategies and solutions for smart grid issues. After more than 20 years of federal service at the EPA, Office of Technology Assessment and the Department of Energy as well as being a consultant for the American Petroleum Institute, she brings a broad perspective to her problem-solving nature. She draws on her technical training and her experience in the federal sector and in private industry to advise governments regarding their interactions with citizens, the utility industry, or the federal government. Judy is currently a practicing attorney in Washington DC and received her MS in chemical engineering from the University of Wisconsin.

This webinar is free for anyone in government, utilities, universities, related organizations and Members.

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Looking forward to seeing you there.

Sierra Dall
President & CEO
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