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NOTE: Due to multiple technical problems,
we are repeating the popular September webinar
on October 9th with some additional content

plus analysis of other solar financing pros and cons

Join us live online Thursday, October 9th at 9 AM PT - 10 AM MT - 11 AM CT - 12 Noon ET
To hear Dr. Anthony E. Smith, CEO Secure Futures LLC

The ability to finance solar projects varies from state to state. During this presentation, you will explore a variety of solar financing options as well as learn why purchasing or leasing solar arrays represent the least favorable approaches for municipalities. In addition, Dr. Smith will explain in detail the pros and cons as well as the costs and benefits of four different solar financing models. This includes background on a very popular performance contract - the PPA - which is possible in 20 states, but disallowed or discouraged in 30 other states.

Finally, the presentation will discuss a revolutionary new form of a financial service agreement that has been tested on a pilot basis in Virginia with a number of projects - the Customer Self Generation Agreement (CSGA). This agreement circumvents many of the financing obstacles encountered in several states.

Dr. Smith will draw from Secure Futures' experience in offering financial services models for tax-exempt institutions - such as municipalities - providing customers with on-site solar generation without upfront capital costs, operations and maintenance expenses, all while providing long-term price stability and significant reduction in electricity, fuel and peak demand charges.

Topics Covered include
A NEW SOLAR FINANCING MODEL - the Customer Self Generation Agreement (CSGA)

PLUS a detailed analysis of the pros and cons of . . .

  • Direct purchase
  • Third Party Ownership
  • Leasing
  • Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

About the presenter . . .

Dr, Anthony Smith
Tony brings over 30 years experience in energy efficiency, solar energy, and community economic development in Vermont, Pennsylvania and Virginia. He served as founding first chairman of the Philadelphia Solar Energy Association; founding Executive Director of the Community Energy Development Corporation in Philadelphia; business consultant in creating the Vermont Energy Investment Corporation (which later formed the first energy efficiency utility in the country); Commodity Trading Advisor in energy futures; National Program Leader for USDA in Community-Based Entrepreneurial Development; and founding Executive Director of the Staunton Creative Community Fund, Inc. He serves as a board member of the Virginia Alternative & Renewable Energy Association (VA-AREA), and serves on the Virginia Committee of the Maryland, DC and Virginia Solar Energy Industries Association (MDV-SEIA). He earned his Masters in Architecture from the University of Pennsylvania, and a PhD from the Wharton School of Management, University of Pennsylvania.


There is NO CHARGE to attend.
If you have any questions or problems please call me.

Looking forward to seeing you there.

Sierra Dall CEO
Municipal Sustainability Forum


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